Weekly Net

The Briarpatch Amateur Radio Club Service Net

Until further notice the net will be using the N4VL/R system (145.130- 103.5T) and will be linked to the Critter Net (442.325+ 114.8T). 

The BARC Service Net meets each Tuesday night at 8 pm local time. The net was designed to pass amateur traffic and to keep members informed about club news and events. A net control is assigned each night to call the net. Any amateur radio operator is welcome to join the net. The net control is free to cancel the net if adverse conditions exist such as a thunderstorm in progress or the repeater is needed for emergency traffic. If a QSO is in progress at net time it is the net control's option to inform the parties about the net and ask them to join the net, move the net to the Fishers Peak repeater at 8:05 pm or the net may standby until the QSO has ended. Below is the preamble and closing for the net. You may download the preamble in PDF format below. Please contact David Pucket, AJ4BD if you would like to serve as a net control. New net controls are always welcome.

Click Here to download a copy of the net preamble.

2024 Net Control Roster

If you cannot call the Net on your night, please contact one of our alternate net controls to fill in.

N4VL has agreed to fill in when available.