BARC Meeting 2-22-24

Our monthly club meeting will be Thursday February 22 at 7:30PM. Our AUXCOMM group will meet an hour prior at 6:30PM. The meeting will be held at the First Christian Church in Galax, VA. Hope to see everyone there!

Technician Amateur Radio Classes

Amateur radio technician operator training will be offered beginning Wednesday, 01/03/24 thru February each Wednesday 7-9 PM at the Carroll County Search and Rescue ('SAR') Bldg., Hillsville, located at 100 Expansion Drive. The course is free. The ARRL license manual will be used for a study guide. The FCC technician examination will be given at the end of the course work, and will also be free, however, the FCC charges a one-time fee of $35 to obtain the operator's license. Further information can be found by contacting course proctor Glen Sage at email:

BARC News 12.10.23


The 2023 BARC Christmas Party was held at Fiddler's Resteraunt in Hillsvile, VA on Saturday the 9th of December. A great time was had by over 30 hams, spouses and guests. Wonderful fellowship, thankful hearts and full bellies were appreciated by all. Thanks go to VP Dick WA4ZIZ for setting up the reservations!

BIG congratulations go to Matt KM4ZLO for winning the 50W dual band mobile TYT transceiver! A special Thanks to Pres Frank WB1USN for donationg this awesome rig, and a big thank you to everyone for raising just over $150 for the BARC.

Let's all keep Randy in our prayers as he goes for surgery soon.

Be sure to mark your new 2024 calendars for our next VE session on Jan 11th at 7PM at the First Christian Church in Galax. More details can be found here: And check out the awesome job Webmaster Josh KM4AZW is doing all across the BARC pages while you're there. Thanks Josh!

Lastly, BARC elections were held. No new nominations were forwarded, and all BARC officers remain seated in their 2023 positions, however, BARC truly needs a new Treasurer. Please reach out to any officer via the BARC webpages if you are interested in investing a little time to your BARC as Treasurer.

Merry Christmas!
Your BARC officers

Annual Christmas Dinner/Club Meeting on 12.9.23

We will be having our annual Christmas Dinner which will also be our December club meeting on Saturday the 9th of December. The dinner/meeting will be held at Fiddler's Restaurant in Hillsville from 4PM to 8PM. Club officer elections will be held at 7PM. Frank WB1USN, will be raffling off a 50 watt dual band mobile radio, tickets will be available at $1 each or 5 tickets for $3. Hope to see you there!

BARC News 10.27.23

A bit of BARC news to relay, so here goes.

1. The FCC is looking to make cuts to 60m usage. This is short fused. Your comments are needed by 30 October (preferably not to make the proposed changes.) Below is my example comment if you'd like to use / edit it. Even better if you can make a personal comment on your use of 60m:

I strongly encourage the FCC to support ARRL’s initiative for the current 100 W ERP power limit to be maintained (instead of reducing the power limit to 15 W EIRP) and continuing secondary access to the current channels. The current FCC proposal would take away several discreet channels and reduce power output from the current 100 W to less than 10 W. This proposal is the most sweeping reduction of HF privileges in decades. If the FCC goes through with the change, will an emboldened FCC remove or modify more HF privileges? Government is in place to protect the citizenry it represents, not to strip them of their rights and privileges. I look forward to your support. Respectfully, (name, call)

For more info, here's the ARRL web page:


2. VP Dick, WA4ZIZ notes a free ZOOM class for ham operators seeking their General license beginning 11/2. 

The online class will be held Thursday November 2 through January 11. The 3 hour sessions will start at 6:30PM Eastern Time. The only prerequisite is that you need to have or be studying for the Technician Class License. This class is sponsored by the National Electronics Museum. Those wishing to sign up, please email Roland Anders, K3RA at


3. NOAA updates Cycle 25 (3rd story):


4. BARC meeting last PM, 10/26. Some *important* takeaways:
** No November in person meeting as this runs into Thanksgiving.
** Our next in person meeting & Christmas Party will be 09 Dec, at Fiddler's Resteraunt in Hillsville. We have BARC reservations from 4PM until 8PM. Several things will be occuring besides a good time:
- Officer elections at 7PM. All BARC offices are up for new candidates to step in. This is a great way to give back to your ham community!
- Raffle for a 50W dual band radio. Tickets $1 each, or 5 tickets for $3. (Thanks Frank!)
- BARC patches will be for sale, $5 for 3", and $10 for 6" sew on patches.
- Annual dues will be collected. $15 for 1st member, $7.50 for each additional family member.
- Discussion to consider ARRL affiliation for BARC. A vote will be taken at the in person January Club meeting. ARRL club affiliation benefits can be reviewed here:
- Each person, couple or family will pay for their own meal which elimiates the 15% required group gratuity. I.e. tips will be up to you, the payer.
- more meeting details will be available once the minutes are approved.

October Club Meeting 10.26.23

Our monthly club meeting for October will be held on Thursday the 26th. The AUXCOMM group will meet at 6:30PM and the regular club meeting will be at 7:30PM at the First Christian Church in Galax, VA. 


Congratulations to Steve B. on earning his technician license and Nick KO4VZG on his upgrade to general during our last VE Testing session!