VE Sessions

We are no longer accepting walk-in testing due to the need to form workups prior to testing.

Due to Glen Sage's (N4SH) website being unexpectedly deleted, anyone wishing to register for a VE Testing Session should simply email him at

 You will need one form of picture ID or two forms of IDs if not a picture ID and if you have a current Amateur Radio License bring a copy of your license that we can keep it to send in with your test. You will need a FRN number to take the test. This can be acquired by clicking here. If you have questions, give Glen Sage, N4DN a call at 276-398-3548. We WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT WALK-INS. You must register at least 5 days prior to the test. Your registration for the test captures all the information required for the FCC-605 form so when you arrive your completed 605 will be ready and all you will need to do is sign the form at the test session.
Laurel is now requiring a valid email address for all testing. The FCC is shifting to handling all business via email so those that don't have a personal email need to have someone to accept their email traffic regarding the FCC. Within a few months the FCC will be shift to for fee license and will be collecting $35.00 for a ten year license. Our testing will continue to be free.

Current Testing Site:
First Christian Church
402 N Jefferson St, Galax, VA 24333

Other tests may be given at special times.

Upcoming Testing Sessions for 2024
January 11th - 7:00PM
April 11th - 7:00PM
June 22th @ Field Day - 1:00PM
July 11th - 7:00PM
October 10th - 7:00PM