Big Congratulations to New Hams

Congratulations to seven new ham Technicians and one new Tech + General who completed Glen, N4DN’s Technician class. There was also one student who scored 100%. Enjoy those new HT's and your 12 month complimentary club membership.

The new hams are:
Jo B.
Brian C.
Cindy D.
Sandy D.
Ethan E.
Charles G.
David R.
Cathy S.

Special thanks to the CC SAR crew for use of their building during training and testing. Additional thanks to Frank, WB1USN and David, N4SH for sponsoring the HT's, and to Glen, N4DN, Junior, N4VL, and Roy N4YXU for their VE professional skills.
Great work all and we look forward to hearing those new call signs on the air!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the class, Glenn. By the way, I go by my middle name, Jeff, and not Charles!